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Discover new opportunities for your business by participating in the Queensland Government Innovation Hub Pilot Project

Saturday 19 July 10am–6pm and Sunday 20 July 2014 10am–6pm

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We've identified four problems worth solving

Working closely with Queensland Government departments, we’ve defined four problem statements:

'Beefing up engagement' - Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

'Indigenous Health' - Queensland Health

'Graffiti' - Department of Transport and Main Roads

'Asset Maintenance' - Department of Housing and Public Works

The event will give successful applicants the opportunity to learn more about these problems first hand then refine & propose their solutions. After the event, selected applicants will be invited to participate in a 12 week incubation process where they will prototype and explore further proof of concept with potential for direct commercial engagement with the sponsoring departments. We recognise that these problems are persistent or evident in other states and in some cases are relevant in other industries and believe the greatest benefit to a successful innovator is a recognisable & committed customer.

There are limited positions for attendance so please consider your application carefully and apply today!

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The Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts (DSITIA), in partnership with  PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), is pleased to announce the following solution providers have been selected to progress to incubation stage of the Innovation Hub.  

‘Beefing up engagement’–Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry:  University of Southern Queensland Collaborative Research Group: Connected Learning  & Real Serious Games 

‘Indigenous Health’–Queensland Health: CSIRO –Australian e-Health Research Centre 

‘Graffiti’–Department of Transport and Main Roads: GIS People

‘Asset Maintenance’–Department of Housing and Public Works: Loc8 Asset Management 

These solution providers will work closely with the Queensland Government ‘problem owner’ Department’s, PwC and DSITIA to further refine and develop their solutions through this 12 week incubation period.   

The Innovation Hub was a strongly contested process with a large number of highly competitive teams attending the weekend event. 

DSITIA and PwC were impressed with the passion of the applicants and their attendance at the event. We would like to encourage solution provides that may not have been successful in round one to look for future opportunities as challenges are released in the second round later this year.

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Fast track your business

Over the course of the two days we will help you learn the most you can from the industry experts - our problem statement owners - and put your best foot forward with technical and commercial mentoring.

The event will be held in Brisbane at a venue to be advised.

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Immerse yourself in the problem

Saturday 19 July 2014, 10am–6pm, Brisbane

We kick off our Open Innovation event with an open discussion with our problem owners - use this opportunity to learn as much as you can about the problem they are facing and context around it. Following this you will have the opportunity to deep dive into the problem, using lean canvas & dashboard tools to articulate your solution. The afternoon will be structured to allow you the opportunity for one-on-one time with the relevant problem owner.

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Propose your solution

Sunday 20 July 2014, 10am–6pm, Brisbane

Sunday will be your last chance to develop and submit your application with the opportunity to test assumptions and learn from problem owner feedback before presenting to problem owners in the afternoon. Presentations will be 10 minutes long and in a closed environment with opportunity for Q&A. Problem owners will then provide feedback and select teams to continue working with to solve the problem.

Applications close 2pm on Friday 11 July 2014.

Terms & Conditions

Created in partnership with the Queensland Government (Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts).

Recently Asked Questions

Q: "Is the final purpose of this process to find suppliers of graffiti removal services or to find an organisation that is capable of implementing and managing a communication, response and reporting service? "

A: The purpose of the event is to find a suitable solution that helps mitigate the key issues outlined in the problem statement. If you believe that your product or services would provide a solution to some or all of the key issues, we would encourage you to submit an application.

Q: "1. Our team is scattered and at a distance from Brisbane. We notice that the Terms and Conditions Clause 4.3 states that Participants chosen to attend the Incubation Stage must attend the following sessions…:. Does this mean there is a requirement for us to travel to Brisbane weekly over a 3 month period, or could these sessions be held electronically?

2. Does every member of the team have to attend every meeting?"

A: Interaction during the Incubation period will be highly dependent on the nature of the solution. It would be suggested that weekly work in progress meetings and fortnightly meetings with problem owners would be able to performed electronically, however it would be highly likely that physical presence will be required for the Kick off meeting and demonstration day(s).

Q: "We are a regionally based company and it isn't economically practical for us to attend the event in Brisbane. Do you have any alternative way we can submit a solution? Could we dial in via videoconference for the two days?"

A: Due to the heavily interactive nature of the event, it isn't feasible to utilise video conferencing.

Q:"The Judging Criteria for applications to attend the event (19-20 July) asks about our proposed solution – including our evaluation of the effectiveness, viability, value for money and benefits for Queensland. I am confused about this because I thought the idea was to develop a solution during the incubation process. Could you please let me know what your expectations are?"

A: As part of the application, you are asked to provide details of your skills and capabilities and how these contribute to a potential solution to the problem statement. During the event you will have access to problem owners to further refine your proposed solution, however to be competitive, you will need to outline an existing idea, product or service that can be further developed to solve the identified problem. Please refer to the "Incubation" section of the FAQ for further detail on the Incubation process.

Q:"On the surface, none of the problem categories are within our scope according to the briefing notes, however we are able to provide a service to a related problem that we understand the problem owning department is having. Is there a way I can proffer this service via the process below?"

A: This event will only be focused on the four problem statements stated. If you believe that your services would provide a solution to some/all of the key issues as described in the problem statement, we would encourage you to submit an application.

Q:"Can I submit an application for 2 problems using the same login on the open innovation website?"

A: If you wish to submit an application for 2 problems, you must apply as two separate teams which must have their own individual login as each team is only allowed to apply for 1 problem.  

Q: “Is any funding available for the Incubation Phase?”

A:  No funding is available for the 12 week Incubation period, however you will have access to work with the problem owner and PwC to further develop and refine your solution and give you the best chance at achieving a commercial outcome.

Q: “What happens if we are selected for the incubation phase and are then asked to form a team with one of our competitors?”

A:  Although collaboration is encouraged, teams will not be forced to combine with other teams. It is up to the teams to determine whether merging solutions will be mutually beneficially.

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