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Discover new opportunities for your business by participating in the Queensland Government Innovation Hub Pilot Project

Monday 8 December 10am–6pm and Tuesday 9 December 10am–6pm

Applications close at 2pm on 21 November 2014.  

Terms & Conditions

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Why apply to be involved? 

The problems matter. The problems that we’re focused on reflect some of the big and complex challenges which impact the life and work of the people of Queensland.  

The project targets providing assistance in identification and access to markets. We are targeting finding solutions for each of the problems that have commercial value to real customers.

The event will give successful applicants the opportunity to network and learn more about these problems first hand from government problem owners and relevant players in the industry, then refine and propose their solutions.

After the event, if a promising solution is presented, selected applicants will be invited to participate in a 12 week acceleration process (with a 3 week break over Christmas) where they will prototype and explore further proof of concept with potential for direct commercial engagement with the sponsoring problem owner. We recognise that these problems are persistent or evident in other states and in some cases are relevant in other industries and believe the greatest benefit to a successful innovator is a recognisable & committed customer.

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How to get involved

1. Read through the information presented in the problem statement documents to help you more deeply understand the problem that we’re focused on solving. In the document you will find the problem statement, some of the context around the problem and the opportunities it presents and the benefits of being involved in solving the problem.

2.  Look through the Open Innovation website and familiarise yourself with the purpose and format of the event, including the benefits of getting involved, the judging criteria against which applications will be chosen and the terms and conditions of participation. If you have any further questions have a look through the Frequently Asked Questions.

3. Once you understand the problem and why you should get involved, apply to attend the event. To do this, you will need to create an account (sign up) on the website and complete the five application questions. Once you are happy with your response, submit your application!

To get the most of out the process we need to limit positions for attendance so please consider your application carefully and apply today!

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The Event


Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th of December - 10am to 6pm


The event will be held at QUT, Gardens Point campus.

What to expect:

We kick off with an open discussion with our problem owners - use this opportunity to learn as much as you can about the problem they are facing and context around it. Following this you will have the opportunity to deep dive into the problem, working closely with the problem owners and subject matter experts to deeply empathise with the problem they’re trying to solve. The afternoon will be structured to allow you the opportunity for one-on-one time with the relevant problem owner.

The second day will be your last opportunity to test assumptions and learn from problem owner feedback before presenting to problem owners in the afternoon. Presentations will be 10 minutes long with 15 minutes of Q&A, all in a closed environment. Following this, if a presented solution is considered to have strong potential, the problem owners will select a team to continue working with through the acceleration phase.

Who to bring:

Your team can consist of 1 to 4 people - we recommend a mix of commercial, technical and subject matter skills.

Final tips:

Be inquisitive! Asking questions and utilising the subject matter experts and mentors will help you to not only understand the problem in its context more deeply but also demonstrate the empathy with the problem that the judges are looking for.

Be flexible! We are not the first to consider these problems, and if they were easy to solve it would have happened already. We expect your solutions to develop over the two days to reflect new information and insights.

We are looking for anyone from small startup to large corporates and everywhere in between - if you have an innovative idea or existing solution and skills that you believe could solve the problem, please don't hesitate to apply.

Created in partnership with the Queensland Government (Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts).

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